Come Hither

by Head Honcho

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released May 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Head Honcho Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Days of Thunder, Nights of Love
days of thunder, nights of love

when i look at your smile
i don't mind if i take a while
i don't why
but it just feels like i'm falling
this keeps going deeper

the sun is setting
but we'll keep on going
let's keep on going!


i've keep kissing fire
to take my breath away

cause with a subtle confidence
she walked into my world
in my world
so here i go
i'm waiting for you
i'm right here for you
Track Name: Mother Leopard (I have your cub)
mother leopard (i have your cub)

we just stop listening
it's taken by the sea
this perfect family
the swells became too much
with no chance to survive
the fear begins to rise
it's pouring in
one final glimpse of life

you decide
to fight for your right!

it's taken by the sea
a perfect chance for me
no thoughts of being free
we set a fire to the sea

the tremble that you feel
it's in your eyes
it took away your piece of mind
and there is nothing left inside

we just stopped
we just stop listening to you

we fight for you and you
don't know where
you could hide
open your eyes
we'll run it straight
to the skye

we shake it up

Track Name: Surviving A Car Crash
surviving a car crash

so here we go
it's what we're waiting for
but in the breakdown
it's keeping deep, if you're asking me

even if it's code we're getting free
i see inside your eyes
that you're still believing me
you get it free

so here we go
not asking you
not telling you
where have you gone
even if it's code we're getting free
i see inside your eyes you still believe

the weight you put on me
but then you notice, you see
it's not just you
we're fighting for
but you can't see

this time you feel it
this time you take control
no time to burn it
cause you are on a roll
next time we see you
maybe we won't lose sight
next we find you
we can dance all night

you still believe in me
cause you are getting free
i see inside
your eyes that you are still believing me
Track Name: King

before your turn around
before you point your fucking finger at me
what makes
this worth
fighting for i know

well let's take it from the top again
let feel it in our lungs

i just need one more shot
don't give up on me
i'm giving all that i've got
i promise i'll make it happen

you watched the tables turn
you watch you don't seem to notice it's me

i'm not asking anything
but for you to be my friend

we waited for september
you want this to be over
Track Name: The Tragedy of Nostalgia
the tragedy of nostalgia

do you remember
because i remember
everything you ever taught to me

eighteen on center
all my best layer plans are falling

i do my best to fight, intoxication
i bit right through my tongue, no hesitation

the smell of nostalgia fills my lungs
i'm sorry to you and all that i've done

we danced with skeletons
you took your medicine
your falling
since becoming nameless
i've become more dangerous

we burned an effigy
we danced in moonlit streets
we had our chances
streetlight romances

i can't do this anymore!

i'll help you get choked up
i'll drown you in your sea
cause when it's on, it's really fucking on.